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An Excerpt from The Barrow

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  • February 20, 2014

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist has been kind enough to host an excerpt from the prologue to The Barrow here.  And the first web reviews of the book have started to appear, including reviews (and giveaways) at The BiblioSanctum and Beauty in Ruins, and the folks at have also graciously hosted a giveaway of the book.  As a matter of general policy and procedure I will be putting review excerpts and links on the Reviews page.  My thanks to the reviewers and bloggers who have read and reviewed The Barrow!


The World Entire

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  • February 4, 2014

So far the maps published for the Known World, the setting of Artesia and the forthcoming novel The Barrow, have focused on the lands and kingdoms centered around the Mera Argenta, the "Silver Scale Sea" that sits nestled amongst the key realms in the ongoing drama (and is something of a rough analogue for the Mediterranean). I've always had ideas and notes about what the rest of the map would look like but had never finished out a final map. I got the chance to do that when preparing the maps for The Barrow; I started with the map of the entire world, and then focused in closer and closer to the region...


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