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Artesia on comicbookgirl19 Ep75

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  • July 14, 2014

Youtube personality comicbookgirl19 was kind enough to include a fairly detailed recommendation segment on Artesia in Ep75 (which is a set of fantasy-oriented recommendations for those folks going through Game of Thrones withdrawal). You can watch it here. Thanks, comicbookgirl19! If you have been introduced to Artesia and The Barrow by her recommendation, the best place to find the complete material for the series at the moment is actually digitally, for example at Comixology or at DriveThruComics. Print copies of the original hardcover or trade paper editions will be hard to find (I will...


Notes on Reading The Barrow: Economics & Fantasy; or, the American Revolution

  • date
  • July 10, 2014

The first part of The Barrow is subtitled “In the City of Money and Filth,” which hopefully announces two thematic subjects of its close look at Therapoli Magni, the capital city of the Middle Kingdoms: the sexual politics of the city (and in particular its criminal, underworld class), and its feudal, pre-modern economics. And having just passed our Fourth of July weekend, in which we commemorate the Declaration of Independence that set us on a path to whatever eventual destiny awaits us, this seems an ideal moment to ruminate a bit on the economic and political nature of the fantasy genre...


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