Artesia Besieged

The Fourth Book of Dooms

Artesia – queen, warlord, and witch – has led her armies from their homes in the mountains down into the Middle Kingdoms to aid their erstwhile neighbors in a war against a common enemy: an ancient Empire returned to enforce its historic claim to the lowlands.  Now they are trapped in an odd stalemate at the city of Abenton, guests of the city’s ruler, Elizabeta, a baroness with a dark secret.  The imminent arrival of barbarian enemies at their gates is only the least of her problems, as recalcitrant allies, mutinous captains, angry ghosts and spirits, lurking assassins, and jealous lovers begin to spring their traps and plots…

This volume is currently in progress.  The first three issues (chapters) of six have been released.  The fourth issue has been long delayed.

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